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5th GPIFF Official Selection

2nd choice still

Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid

Brandon Lane

Based on a hit musical from The Toronto Fringe 2015, Princess Sparkly Butt and The Hot Dog Kid is an epic and absurd musical space quest about a tradition-defying Princess who discovers that she can control time with her butt. She must use her butt powers for good, not evil, if she hopes to save her planet from totally exploding. Enter Prince Doofmuncher (who comes to realize he identifies, not as a boy, but as a hot dog) to tag along on the mission with hopes of also locating an elusive warlock named Gary who specializes in turning people into hot dogs. The show will make its debut online as eight 5-minute episodes as well as air as a one-hour special on Teletoon.

CANADA, 2017
60 minutes

Balloon House Productions


Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane is a Canadian screenwriter, director based in Toronto. He is a Production Executive for YTV, TELETOON, and Treehouse. He currently oversees production for Corus Kids on Inspector Gadget, Hotel Transylvania, Mysticons, Camp Lakebottom, Cupcake & Dinosaur, Wishfart, Ranger Rob and many other kids cartoons.

Production Company:
Balloon House Productions

Kimberly Persona
Adam Crosby
Brandon Lane

Brandon Lane

Adam Crosby

Adam Crosby

Original Score:
Meiro Stamm

Additional Music:
Chris Reineck
Jeff Lurie

Original Songs:
Kimberly Persona
Steve Cruickshank
Apollo Studios

Production Designer:
Adam Belanger

Kimberly Persona
DJ Edwards
Sam Graham
Jason Gaignard
Ingrid Hansen
Shanna Armogan
Joel Buxton
Chy Ryan Spain
Caitlin Langelier
Jane MacDougall