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5th GPIFF Official Selection

Abdullah's Wonderland film still

Abdullah’s Wonderland

Liu Mingshan

Abdullah’s sister has lost her sight for several years. Their families have made every effort to treat her blindness but failed. One night, the sister told Abdullah about her dream that the lamp genie could cure her eyes. In order to help his sister, Abdullah starts a journey to find the genie.

CHINA, 2017
28 minutes

Director copy

Liu Mingshan

Liu Mingshan is a Chinese director with a master’s degree in Cinematography from Beijing Film Academy. His film Abdullah’s Wonderland is co-produced by Beijing Film Academy and Youth Film Studio.

Liu Mingshan

Liu Dapeng

Liu Mingshan

Duman Birleskhan

Wang Tiange

Wang Yuqi

Production Manager:
Wu Lei

Production Designer:
Liang Jiasheng


Mirzat Abduainni

Gulipia Jilili

Arslan Abdukeliam

Muhammad Siyity

Mayila Mijity

Eykram Ainiwar

Mirzat Parharty

Muhammad Mamat

Mamat Turson