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5th GPIFF Official Selection


Jue er

Liang Zhefei

Arose in the late 18th century, Peking opera, or Beijing opera, is perhaps one of the most well-known Chinese cultural heritages existing. Jue er, the Chinese term for Peking opera actors, is the living testament to this delicate traditional performing arts. Following actress Liu Yuanyuan, who started learning Peking opera at the age of 10, this short documentary takes a closer look at the behind-the-scenes life of people who make every endeavor to bring this unique art form to a broader audience.

CHINA, 2016
22 minutes


Liang Zhefei

Liang Zhefei is a young-generation Chinese film director who has a B.A. from Beijing Film Academy. Some of her previous works include short film Rhythm, Waiting Alone; documentary Jue’er, Mr. Zhao; experimental short film Road.

Zhang Linliang

Qin Huan
Ma Like

Liang Zhefei

Liu Yuanyuan
Gong Fayi