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5th GPIFF Official Selection


Mr. Donkey

Zhou Shen

Liu Lu

In the Republic of China era (1940s), A group of college teachers builds a school in a poor and rural village in the hope to improve the education level of local people. Living in a remote and dry area of China, the biggest problem they face is drought, which forces them to use a donkey to deliver water from a very distant area. In order to collect more compensation from the Education Bureau to feed the donkey and buy daily groceries, the teachers come up with an idea to fabricate a non-existing figure Lv Deshui (Mr. Donkey). One day, a commissioner from the Education Bureau wants to see Mr. Donkey and attend his lecture. In this emergency situation, the teachers have no choice left but to find a dirty coppersmith to play “Mr. Donkey”. Thus began the real trouble…

CHINA, 2016
113 minutes


Zhou Shen

Zhou Shen is a Chinese film writer, director known for play If I Were Not Me (08), musical Daydream (11) and Mr. Donkey (16). He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in film directing from China’s Central Academy of Drama.


Liu Lu

Liu Lu is a Chinese film director, writer, editor and producer known for A Tibetan Marriage (13), Mr. Donkey (16),

Production Company:
Beijing Sili Culture Media
Mahua FunAge Production
Tianjin Maoyan Media
Bei Jing Ying Xing
Tian Xia Culture Communication

Sa Qiri
Huang Tianyi
Liu Hongtao
Kang Li

Zhou Shen
Liu Lu

Jong Lin

Zhou Shen
Yang Yang

Zhang Wenjuan
Xu Ying

Liu Zhou

Production Designer:
Li Chuanyong

Da Li
Suxi Ren
Pei Kuishan
Liu Shuailiang
Han Yanbo
Guanjin Bu
Wang Kun
Charles Arthur McLarty

Tianjin Maoyan Media (China)
Huaxia Film Distribution (China)
China Lion Film (North America)