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Project Pitch

5th GPIFF Project Pitch Event

The 5th annual Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival (GPIFF) is launching the inaugural Project Pitch Event on Dec. 9, 2017. Applications to enter the event are now open for global filmmakers.


Selected projects will participate in the final Project Pitch Event in December, during which filmmakers will have an opportunity to propose their film projects to the judging panel and audience.


Located in Vancouver, Canada, the gateway between North America and Asia-Pacific, the Project Pitch Event aims to integrate filmmaking resources from both places, connect global film industries and assist in further development of potential film projects.

Eligible Projects & Program Evaluation:

  • Project Type: (a) Feature Film; (b) Short Film;
  • Genre: (a) Drama; (b) Documentary; (c) Comedy; (d) Sci-Fi
  • Judging Criteria: (a) Artistic Value and Creativity; (b) Commercial and Market Potential; (c) Social Impact
  • Completed screenplay or screenplay outline (Project with completed screenplay preferred)
  • Confirmed project budget (Project with more than 20% of funding secured will be preferred)
  • Fixed responsible director and producer
  • Project has not participated in other similar platforms preferred

Application Procedure & Requirements:

  • Download and fill out the Project Pitch Event Application Form.
  • Send the form back to before deadline
  • Eligible applicants will be notified by GPIFF Committee via email
  • The applicant must be the copyright holder or legal representative of the copyright owner of the submitted project
  • Please make sure the information of contact person is valid
  • No application fee required
  • Application materials will not be returned. However, all documentations will be safely kept by the GPIFF Committee and only used for the selection of eligible projects for the Project Pitch Event

Application Documentation Checklist:

  • GPIFF Project Pitch Event Application Form (Attachment)
  • Biography and filmography of director (within 100 words/person)
  • Biography and filmography of producer (within 100 words/person)
  • Biography and filmography of production team, if applicable
  • Introduction of production company (within 100 words)
  • Film log line
  • Film synopsis (within 250 words)
  • Screenplay outline (within 1000 words)
  • Past representative works of director (no more than two films, please provide online link)
  • Project plan (includes production budget, shooting plan, etc.)
  • Completed screenplay (if applicable)
  • Other supporting materials (please provide link if any)

Successful Applicants:

  • Two representatives (limited to director and producer) will be invited to participate in the Project Pitch Event held in Vancouver this December.
  • Selected projects will have the opportunity to propose their projects to the judging panel and live audience
  • Selected projects will be promoted on GPIFF website and through festival social media platforms
  • Winning project will have the opportunity to win $1,000 (CAD) cash rewards


  • GPIFF committee will announce the result in November 2017. Selected applicants will be notified via telephone or email. Please make sure the contact information is accurate and valid. Applicants are responsible for notifying GPIFF Committee of any information change two weeks in advance.
  • Once officially selected and informed, filmmakers are responsible to work closely with GPIFF Committee for any preparation works. Filmmakers should not withdraw projects one-sidedly without permission from GPIFF Committee.
  • At least one project representative shall guarantee to attend all activities of the Project Pitch Event. Qualification of the project will be automatically cancelled if no representative can attend.
  • Once the selected project is completed, please respect services provided by GPIFF and credit the festival in film opening and/or closing credits.
  • The Project Pitch Event is open to the public. GPIFF committee will try its best to protect the rights of filmmakers. Photography and filming will be strictly forbidden during the pitching session. However, participating filmmakers shall realize the intellectual property right risk brought by publicly proposal film projects.
  • All application materials are strictly confidential between the applicant and GPIFF Committee and will not be shared with the third party.
  • Once applied for the Project Pitch Event, it is understood that all guidelines and general rules are accepted and understood by applicants. GPIFF Committee reserves the final interpretation right of aforesaid clauses.

Application Deadline:

October 31, 2017


Matthew Tang (Vancouver)

Tel: 604-354-7106  

Mobile: 778-881-1930  


Li Junyi (Beijing)

Tel.: 13911854861


Application Form