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Jacek Bromski

Jacek Bromski

Director, Writer, Producer


Jacek Bromski is an accomplished Polish film director, writer, producer, known for Alice (1982), To ja, zlodziej (2000), U Pana Boga w ogródku (2007) and One Way Ticket to the Moon (2013). Bromski is one of the leading figures in Polish filmmaking, among Polish film organizations and internationally. He has served as president of the Polish Filmmakers Association, which is the largest organization of film professionals in Poland, since 1996. The Association promotes Polish film in Poland and abroad, supports talented young filmmakers, produces debut films. Bromski is widely known both in Poland and Europe as an expert on the audiovisual sector and on copyright and film rights. He is a member of the Federation of European Film Directors and the president of the World Cinema Alliance (Alliance Mondiale du Cinema), which was founded in 2007.