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5th GPIFF Official Selection


Being Towards Death

Wang Yinan

Recorded by Chinese-born Canadian documentarian Wang Yinan during a ten-month odyssey across his adoptive nation, Being Towards Death is a singularly Canadian rhapsody that weaves together the stark voices of an otherwise unconnected – and certainly unsung – set of Canadians, whose ages range from one continually to 100. Confronted with a standard battery of frank questions about life, and shot statically against the backdrop in their homes or workplaces, this film’s mundane stars open up to a stranger about their everyday struggles with work, love, loss and in so doing offer fascinating insights into what it means to live. 

CANADA, 2016
51 minutes

Companion (Beijing)
Culture Media (Distributor)


Wang Yinan

Wang Yinan is a Canadian photographer, documentary director. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2004 and has since published several books, including The Unsized Value of Little Things (07), Shu Shi Wu Du (08), Finding 100 (12) and more. His 2016 documentary Being Towards Death is based on his photography book Journey Through the Century (15).

Production Company:
Oriental Companion Media (Beijing)
Yinan Max Wang Productions

Executive Producer:
Zhu Hong
Warren Chien

Jin Yue
Liu Jing

Jin Yue
Liang Bibo
Wang Yinan

Wang Yinan
Zhu Hong

Zhu Hong

Wang Yinan
Zhu Hong
Eric Szeto
Champagne Choquer